Who Are the Voices in the New Movie the Star?

The new animated movie “The Star” has a star-studded cast of voices behind its lovable characters. The movie tells the story of the first Christmas from a unique perspective, that of the animals who witnessed it. Here is a rundown of who lends their voices to this festive film.

Bo, voiced by Steven Yeun

Bo is a small but brave donkey who dreams of having an important job in life beyond his mundane routine at the village mill. Steven Yeun, best known for his role on “The Walking Dead,” brings Bo to life with his expressive voice acting.

Ruth, voiced by Aidy Bryant

Aidy Bryant, from “Saturday Night Live,” voices Ruth, a kind-hearted sheep who befriends Bo on his journey. She’s always ready to lend a helping hoof and offers words of encouragement when things get tough.

Dave, voiced by Keegan-Michael Key

Dave is a witty dove who fancies himself the leader of the flock. Keegan-Michael Key, half of the comedy duo Key and Peele, adds humor and personality to Dave’s character.

Deborah, voiced by Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey lends her powerful voice to Deborah, a wise and nurturing camel who helps guide Bo on his journey. Her calming presence and sage advice make her an important figure in the story.

Herod, voiced by Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer delivers a chilling performance as Herod, the villainous king determined to stop Mary and Joseph from reaching Bethlehem. His deep voice gives weight to Herod’s menacing presence.

The Three Wise Men

  • Melchior – voiced by Tracy Morgan
  • Balthazar – voiced by Tyler Perry
  • Gaspar – voiced by Oprah Winfrey (in addition to Deborah)

The three wise men who follow the star to Bethlehem are voiced by a trio of talented actors. Tracy Morgan brings his trademark humor to Melchior, Tyler Perry adds gravitas to Balthazar, and Oprah Winfrey (in addition to her role as Deborah) gives Gaspar a regal air.

Other Notable Voices

  • Joseph – voiced by Zachary Levi
  • Mary – voiced by Gina Rodriguez
  • Angel Gabriel – voiced by Gabriel Iglesias

Zachary Levi brings warmth and compassion to Joseph, while Gina Rodriguez portrays Mary as strong and determined. Gabriel Iglesias lends his comedic voice to Angel Gabriel, adding lighthearted moments to the film.

In conclusion, “The Star” features an impressive cast of voices that bring heart and humor to this retelling of the Christmas story. With such a diverse group of actors, audiences can expect an entertaining and memorable experience at the movies.