Who Are the Camels in the Movie the Star?

In the movie “The Star,” there are a few characters that stand out, and one of them is the camels. The camels are an essential part of the story, and they add to the overall humor and charm of the movie.

Who Are the Camels?

The camels in “The Star” are three wise-cracking creatures that accompany the Three Wise Men on their journey to Bethlehem. Their names are Felix, Cyrus, and Deborah, and they provide comic relief throughout the film.

What Are They Like?

Each of the camels has its own distinct personality. Felix is vain and always concerned about his appearance.

Cyrus is more laid back and easy-going. Deborah is tough and no-nonsense, but she cares deeply about her friends.

They are also very sarcastic and often make fun of each other. Their banter is hilarious, and it adds a lot of humor to the film.

The Camels’ Role in “The Star”

While they may seem like minor characters, the camels play an important role in “The Star.” They help guide the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem, but they also have their own personal journey throughout the film.

At first, they are reluctant to go on this journey because it means leaving their comfortable lives behind. However, as they travel with Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem, they start to realize that this journey is bigger than themselves.

They also help protect Mary and Joseph from danger along the way. In one memorable scene, they even save Mary from a group of thieves who try to rob them.

The Camels’ Impact on Viewers

The camels in “The Star” have become fan favorites because of their witty banter, unique personalities, and heartwarming story arc. They add a lot of humor to what could be a very serious story.

Their journey from reluctant travelers to loyal protectors is inspiring, and it reminds viewers that sometimes the biggest adventures come from stepping outside of our comfort zones.


Overall, the camels in “The Star” are an integral part of the movie’s success. Their humor, personality, and growth throughout the film make them memorable characters that viewers will remember long after the credits roll.

If you haven’t seen “The Star” yet, be sure to watch it for these hilarious camels and their heartwarming journey.