Which Star Wars Movie Has the Mandalorian?

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise, you might be wondering which movie features the Mandalorian. The Mandalorian is a popular character in the Star Wars universe, known for his distinctive armor and unique fighting style. In this article, we’ll explore which Star Wars movie(s) showcase this beloved character.

Who is the Mandalorian?

Before we dive into which movie(s) feature the Mandalorian, let’s take a moment to discuss who this character is. The Mandalorian is not a single individual but rather a member of a group of warriors known as Mandalorians. They are known for their distinct armor, weapons, and combat skills.

The most famous Mandalorian in the Star Wars universe is Boba Fett. However, the character known as “the Mandalorian” in current discussions refers to Din Djarin, the protagonist of the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian”.

The Mandalorian in Star Wars Movies

Now that we have a clear understanding of who the Mandalorian is let’s discuss which Star Wars movies feature this character.

Unfortunately for those hoping to see Din Djarin on the big screen with other iconic characters like Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia Organa, he has not appeared in any of the Star Wars movies released before 2019.

Din Djarin made his first appearance as “the Mandalorian” in 2019 when he debuted on Disney+ in his own titular series. While he may not have graced silver screens yet with his presence, Din has quickly become one of the most popular characters in recent years due to his appearance on this show.


While it may be disappointing for some fans that there are no movies featuring Din Djarin yet, there are rumors that he may make an appearance in upcoming films or shows set within the same timeline as “The Mandalorian”. Until then, fans can enjoy watching him in the Disney+ series and reading about his adventures in various Star Wars books and comics.

In summary, the Mandalorian has not appeared in any of the Star Wars movies released so far. However, he has become a beloved character through his own Disney+ series. Fans can look forward to seeing him potentially make an appearance in future Star Wars content.