Which Star Wars Movie Has Lando?

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Have you been wondering which movie features the iconic character Lando Calrissian? Look no further, as we explore the various films where Lando makes an appearance.

The Empire Strikes Back

Lando Calrissian is first introduced in the second installment of the original Star Wars trilogy, “The Empire Strikes Back.” He is portrayed by actor Billy Dee Williams.

In this film, Lando is the administrator of Cloud City, a mining colony on the planet Bespin. He has a complicated history with Han Solo, who he betrays to Darth Vader in an attempt to save his own people from harm.

Return of the Jedi

Lando returns in “Return of the Jedi,” also part of the original trilogy. He teams up with Han Solo and Princess Leia to infiltrate Jabba the Hutt’s palace and rescue their friend Han from his clutches.

Lando plays a crucial role in helping to destroy the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Lando also appears in “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” a standalone film that explores the backstory of Han Solo. In this movie, Donald Glover takes on the role of Lando.

The film shows how Han and Lando meet and become unlikely allies in a daring heist.

In Conclusion

So there you have it – Lando Calrissian appears in “The Empire Strikes Back,” “Return of the Jedi,” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” Whether he’s betraying old friends or pulling off daring capers, Lando is always one of the coolest characters in any galaxy far, far away.