Which Star Trek Movie Data Dies?

In the world of Star Trek, one of the most beloved characters is undoubtedly Data, the android officer of the USS Enterprise. Throughout the various movies and TV shows, fans have grown to love Data’s quirky sense of humor and his constant quest to become more human.

However, in one of the Star Trek movies, Data meets his untimely demise. But which movie was it?

The answer is Star Trek: Nemesis. In this 2002 film, Data sacrifices himself to save Captain Picard and the rest of the Enterprise crew from a deadly weapon known as a thalaron radiation emitter. It’s a heartbreaking moment for fans of the character, who had been a mainstay on the show since its debut in 1987.

Despite his death in Nemesis, Data has continued to be a popular character in the Star Trek franchise. He has appeared in several movies since then through various means such as flashbacks and alternate universes.

Some fans may argue that Data’s death was unnecessary or even unfair. However, it’s important to remember that sacrifice is a common theme in Star Trek. Characters often put themselves in harm’s way to protect others or accomplish their mission objectives.

In conclusion, Data met his end in Star Trek: Nemesis when he sacrificed himself to save his fellow crew members from a deadly weapon. While it was a sad moment for fans of the character, his legacy continues on in various forms throughout the franchise.


Data’s death is undoubtedly one of the most emotional moments in Star Trek history. While some may argue that it was unnecessary or unfair, it’s important to remember that sacrifice is a common theme throughout the franchise. Despite his untimely demise, Data remains one of Star Trek’s most beloved characters and continues to inspire new generations of fans.

So next time you watch Star Trek: Nemesis and see Data make his ultimate sacrifice, take a moment to appreciate the impact he had on the franchise and the hearts of fans everywhere.