Which Scary Movie Has MJ?

Scary movies have always been an integral part of the entertainment industry. From the classic horror flicks of the past to the modern-day thrillers, the genre has captivated audiences for generations. But have you ever wondered which scary movie has MJ?

Well, wonder no more! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at which scary movie Michael Jackson had a role in.

To start off, it’s important to note that MJ wasn’t known for his acting abilities. However, he did make an appearance in a horror-themed music video that was directed by John Landis.

The music video in question is none other than “Thriller.” Released in 1983, “Thriller” quickly became one of Michael Jackson’s most iconic songs and videos. The 14-minute music video is a mini-horror film that features MJ as a zombie alongside actress Ola Ray.

The video starts with MJ and Ola Ray watching a horror movie together. As they leave the theater, MJ transforms into a zombie and begins to lead a group of dancing zombies through the streets. The video ends with MJ reverting back to his human form and reassuring Ola Ray that it was all just a dream.

“Thriller” quickly became one of the most popular music videos of all time and won multiple awards, including three MTV Video Music Awards. It also had a significant impact on pop culture and influenced future music videos and movies.

In conclusion, while Michael Jackson didn’t have a role in any traditional scary movies, he did make an iconic appearance in the horror-themed music video for “Thriller.” So next time you’re looking for some spooky entertainment to watch during Halloween season, don’t forget about Michael Jackson’s epic zombie dance moves!