Which Scary Movie Does the Girl Come Out of the TV?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you might have come across the iconic scene in which a girl comes out of a TV. This scene has been used in several movies, and it’s often associated with the horror genre.

But which movie does this scene come from? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the movies that feature this creepy scene.

The Ring (2002)

One of the most well-known movies that feature the “girl coming out of the TV” scene is The Ring. Released in 2002, The Ring is a remake of a Japanese horror movie called Ringu.

The movie follows a journalist named Rachel Keller who investigates a mysterious videotape that is said to kill anyone who watches it within seven days. In one of the most memorable scenes from the movie, Rachel’s son Aidan watches the tape and sees the girl crawling out of the TV.

How was the scene filmed?

The scene in The Ring was created using a combination of practical effects and computer-generated imagery (CGI). Actress Bonnie Morgan played Samara, the creepy girl who crawls out of the TV. To create the illusion that she was crawling out of a real TV, Morgan had to contort her body and move in an unnatural way.

The filmmakers also used CGI to enhance certain parts of the scene, such as when Samara’s hair falls over her face. The end result is a truly terrifying moment that has stuck with audiences for years.

Pulse (2001)

Another Japanese horror movie that features a similar scene is Pulse (also known as Kairo). Released in 2001, Pulse follows several characters as they try to survive an invasion by ghosts from another dimension. In one particularly creepy scene, one character sees a ghostly figure on his computer screen before it crawls out and attacks him.

The scene in Pulse was also created using a combination of practical effects and CGI. The filmmakers used a green screen to create the illusion that the ghostly figure was coming out of the computer screen. Actress Kumiko Aso, who played the character who sees the ghost, had to pretend to interact with the green screen while imagining what the final scene would look like.


So, which scary movie does the girl come out of the TV? It’s a trick question!

While The Ring is perhaps the most well-known movie that features this iconic scene, it’s not the only one. Pulse also features a similar scene that is just as creepy.

Regardless of which movie you prefer, there’s no denying that this scene has become a staple of horror movies. By combining practical effects with CGI, filmmakers have been able to create truly terrifying moments that stick with audiences long after they leave the theater.