Which Movies Does Scary Movie 3 Make Fun Of?

Scary Movie 3 is a hilarious parody of various horror movies that were popular during the early 2000s. The movie was released in 2003 and directed by David Zucker, and it starred Anna Faris, Charlie Sheen, and Leslie Nielsen.

This movie made fun of several cult classics, including The Ring, Signs, and 8 Mile. In this article, we will take a closer look at which movies Scary Movie 3 made fun of.

The Ring

One of the most prominent horror films parodied in Scary Movie 3 is The Ring. The opening scene of the movie features a parody of The Ring’s infamous opening sequence that shows a creepy video tape with a cursed message. In Scary Movie 3, the cursed tape is replaced with a rap video that has an equally chilling effect on those who watch it.


In another scene from Scary Movie 3, the aliens from M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs make an appearance. The aliens are portrayed as clumsy and incompetent beings who have trouble navigating their way through Earth’s environment.

8 Mile

Scary Movie 3 even managed to poke fun at Eminem’s biographical drama film, 8 Mile. In one scene, Anna Faris’ character Cindy Campbell battles it out in a rap battle similar to the one in the movie. However, instead of rapping about her struggles in life like Eminem’s character did in the original movie, Cindy raps about her adventures with her boyfriend.

The Others

The Others is another movie that Scary Movie 3 satirizes. In one scene from the movie, Charlie Sheen’s character Tom Logan enters a room filled with ghosts who are all trying to communicate with him by moving objects around him.

The Matrix Reloaded

Scary Movie 3 also made fun of The Matrix Reloaded. In one of the final scenes of the movie, Anna Faris’ character Cindy Campbell fights off aliens in a sequence that parodies The Matrix Reloaded’s fight scenes.

Final Thoughts

Scary Movie 3 is a humorous take on some of the most popular horror movies during the early 2000s. It successfully incorporates elements from each movie to create a cohesive and entertaining parody.

Whether you’re a fan of horror movies or comedy, Scary Movie 3 has something for everyone. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth checking out for a good laugh.