Which Mac Mini Is Better for Video Editing?

Are you a video editor looking for a powerful computer to handle your projects? The Mac Mini might be the perfect choice for you.

Apple’s compact desktop computer is known for its impressive performance and versatile features. But with so many different models available, which one is the best for video editing? Let’s take a closer look.

The Mac Mini Lineup

First, let’s review the current lineup of Mac Minis. Apple offers three different models:

  • Mac Mini with Apple M1 chip
  • Mac Mini with Intel Core i3 processor
  • Mac Mini with Intel Core i5 processor

All three models have their own unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to video editing.

M1 vs. Intel Processors

The biggest difference between the Mac Mini with M1 chip and those with Intel processors is the type of architecture they use. The M1 chip is based on ARM architecture, which is different from the x86 architecture used by Intel processors.

One advantage of the M1 chip is that it has a smaller manufacturing process, which means it can fit more transistors onto a single chip. This translates to better performance and energy efficiency.

On the other hand, some video editing software may not be optimized for ARM architecture yet, which could lead to slower performance on the Mac Mini with M1 chip compared to those with Intel processors.

Processor Speeds

When comparing the Mac Minis with Intel processors, it’s important to note that they have different processor speeds. The Mac Mini with Core i3 has a base clock speed of 3.6GHz, while the Core i5 model has a base clock speed of 2.8GHz but can turbo boost up to 4.0GHz.

In general, higher clock speeds are better for video editing because they allow your computer to process more data at once. However, other factors like the number of cores and threads also play a role in determining overall performance.

RAM and Storage

Another important factor to consider when choosing a Mac Mini for video editing is the amount of RAM and storage it has. The Mac Mini with M1 chip comes with either 8GB or 16GB of unified memory (which combines RAM and graphics memory), while the Intel-based models have up to 64GB of DDR4 memory.

When it comes to storage, all three models can be configured with up to 2TB of SSD storage. This is important for video editing because large video files can take up a lot of space on your computer.


So, which Mac Mini is the best for video editing? It really depends on your specific needs and budget.

If you’re looking for the most powerful option, the Mac Mini with Intel Core i5 processor and high amount of RAM would be the best choice. However, if you’re on a tighter budget or want better energy efficiency, the Mac Mini with M1 chip could still be a great option.

Regardless of which model you choose, make sure to also invest in a good monitor and external hard drive for storing your video files. With the right setup, the Mac Mini can be an excellent tool for video editing.