Which Horror Movie Was Shot Entirely on a Video Camera Like a Documentary?

If you’re a horror movie fan, you might be familiar with the movie that was shot entirely on a video camera like a documentary. This movie gained popularity for its unique approach to the horror genre. It’s none other than “The Blair Witch Project.”

The Blair Witch Project

“The Blair Witch Project” is a 1999 American found footage horror film directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez. The movie follows three student filmmakers who hike into the Black Hills near Burkittsville, Maryland to investigate a local legend known as the Blair Witch.

Found Footage Horror Genre

“The Blair Witch Project” is known for its found footage style of filmmaking. Found footage is a genre of film that uses raw and unedited footage as if it were discovered in real life. The film appears to be an assembled documentary made by the three missing student filmmakers.


The movie was made on an extremely low budget of $60,000. The directors used handheld cameras to shoot most of the scenes, which added to the authenticity of the found footage genre. The actors were given minimal direction and were left to improvise their lines, adding to the realism of their performances.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy for “The Blair Witch Project” was unique and helped create buzz around the movie before its release. A website was created that presented the story as if it were real, including fake police reports and interviews with fictional town residents. This marketing strategy helped make “The Blair Witch Project” one of the most successful independent films ever made.

Critical Reception

“The Blair Witch Project” received mixed reviews from critics but was praised for its innovative approach to horror filmmaking. The film’s use of found footage style inspired many other movies in this genre.


“The Blair Witch Project” is a landmark film that changed the horror genre forever. Its use of found footage style and low-budget production made it a unique and memorable experience for audiences. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, it’s definitely worth checking out for its innovative approach to horror filmmaking.