Which Disney Movie Has WISH UPON a STAR?

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘wish upon a star’? Perhaps you came across it while watching a Disney movie. But which Disney movie actually has this famous line?

The answer is Pinocchio!

Released in 1940, Pinocchio tells the story of a wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy. Along with his conscience, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio embarks on various adventures and learns valuable life lessons along the way.

One of the most iconic scenes from the movie is when Pinocchio sings the song “When You Wish Upon a Star.” The lyrics of the song encourage listeners to hold onto their dreams and have faith that they will come true.

Here are some of the most memorable lines:

“When you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you”

The song was written by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1940. It has since become synonymous with Disney and is often played at Disney theme parks and events.

Did You Know?

“When You Wish Upon a Star” was also used as the opening theme for The Wonderful World of Disney television series which aired from 1954 to 1991.

In addition to its memorable music, Pinocchio also features stunning animation that still holds up today. The film was ahead of its time in terms of its technical achievements and is considered one of Disney’s greatest classics.

Overall, Pinocchio is a timeless tale that continues to capture the hearts of audiences young and old. So next time you hear someone say “wish upon a star,” now you know where it comes from – one of Disney’s most beloved movies!


In conclusion, Pinocchio is the Disney movie that features the famous line “When You Wish Upon a Star.” The song has become an iconic part of Disney’s legacy and continues to inspire people to chase their dreams. Whether you’re a fan of classic animation or simply enjoy a good story, Pinocchio is definitely worth checking out.