Where Was the Movie Star Leaf Filmed?

If you’re a fan of indie horror flicks, chances are you’ve heard of the movie Star Leaf. This low-budget film tells the story of three friends who set out to find a legendary strain of marijuana that is said to have extraterrestrial origins.

While the plot may seem far-fetched, the movie has garnered a cult following for its quirky humor and trippy visuals. One question that fans often ask is where the movie was filmed. In this article, we’ll explore the filming locations of Star Leaf and give you an inside look at some of the most iconic scenes.

Seattle, Washington

Star Leaf was primarily filmed in Seattle, Washington, which serves as the backdrop for much of the movie’s outdoor scenes. The city’s lush greenery and misty atmosphere provide an eerie yet beautiful setting for the characters’ quest for the elusive Star Leaf strain. Some of the most notable locations include:

Discovery Park

Located in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, Discovery Park is one of the city’s largest parks and served as a filming location for several Star Leaf scenes. The park’s sprawling meadows and wooded trails make it a perfect spot for outdoor shots, while its picturesque lighthouse adds a touch of mystery to certain scenes.

The Fremont Troll

One of Seattle’s most iconic landmarks, the Fremont Troll is a massive sculpture located under the Aurora Bridge in the Fremont neighborhood. The sculpture depicts a troll clutching a Volkswagen Beetle and has become a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. In Star Leaf, the troll serves as a backdrop for one particularly memorable scene.

  • Fun fact: The Fremont Troll was actually built in 1990 as part of an art competition designed to revitalize Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

While most of Star Leaf was filmed in Seattle, the movie also features a few scenes shot on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This Canadian island is known for its rugged natural beauty and served as the perfect location for some of the movie’s more remote scenes. Some of the locations include:

Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

Located on the western coast of Vancouver Island, Juan de Fuca Provincial Park features over 50 kilometers of hiking trails and stunning ocean views. In Star Leaf, the park’s rugged coastline serves as a backdrop for some of the movie’s more intense moments.


A small coastal town on Vancouver Island’s west coast, Bamfield is known for its fishing and logging industries as well as its remote location. In Star Leaf, Bamfield serves as a stand-in for a fictional town where the characters encounter some unexpected obstacles.

  • Fun fact: While Bamfield is a real town, it’s actually located on Barkley Sound rather than the open ocean as depicted in Star Leaf.


While Star Leaf may not have had a huge budget or big-name actors, it certainly made the most of its filming locations. From Seattle’s misty parks to Vancouver Island’s rugged coastline, each location adds to the overall atmosphere and sense of adventure in the movie. Whether you’re a fan of indie horror movies or just looking for some offbeat entertainment, Star Leaf is definitely worth checking out – especially now that you know where it was filmed!