Where Was the Movie North Star Filmed?

If you’re a fan of epic movies set in historical times, you’ve probably heard of the movie North Star. This film tells the story of a group of slaves who escape from a plantation in South Carolina and journey north to freedom. The movie is known for its stunning cinematography and breathtaking scenery, which begs the question: where was North Star filmed?

The Filming Locations

North Star was primarily filmed in the Canadian province of Alberta. The filmmakers chose Alberta because of its diverse landscape, which includes mountains, prairies, and forests. The province also has a well-established film industry, with many experienced crews and production facilities.

The Rocky Mountains

One of the key filming locations for North Star was the Rocky Mountains. These majestic peaks provided a stunning backdrop for many scenes in the movie. The filmmakers used several different locations in the Rockies, including Banff National Park and Jasper National Park.

The Prairies

Another important filming location for North Star was the prairies of Alberta. These wide-open spaces were perfect for capturing the sense of isolation and danger that the escaped slaves faced on their journey north. The filmmakers used locations such as Dinosaur Provincial Park and Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park to create these scenes.

The City

In addition to filming in natural locations, the filmmakers also shot scenes in the city of Edmonton. This included using historic buildings such as Fort Edmonton Park to create authentic-looking sets for scenes set in 19th century America.


So there you have it – North Star was primarily filmed in Alberta, Canada. The filmmakers took advantage of the province’s diverse landscapes to create an epic story that transports viewers back to a dark time in American history. If you’re ever visiting Alberta, be sure to check out some of these stunning filming locations!