Where Was the Movie Holly Star Filmed?

Have you ever wondered where the movie Holly Star was filmed? This heartwarming Christmas movie is a favorite among many, and its stunning locations are a big part of its charm. Let’s take a closer look at where this movie was filmed and the beautiful places it showcases.

Overview of Holly Star

Holly Star is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Sloan, a quirky accountant who returns to her hometown in Pennsylvania for the holidays. She reunites with her old friend, Jackson, who helps her rediscover the magic of Christmas. Along the way, they stumble upon an unexpected adventure involving a bag of stolen cash.

Where Was Holly Star Filmed?

Holly Star was filmed in several locations across Pennsylvania. The charming small town where Sloan and Jackson reunite is none other than Boyertown, a picturesque borough located in Berks County. The town’s quaint streets and historic buildings provide the perfect backdrop for this heartwarming story.

Another key location in Holly Star is Longwood Gardens, a stunning botanical garden located in Kennett Square. The garden’s magnificent Christmas displays are showcased throughout the movie, adding to its festive feel.

The final scenes of Holly Star were shot at Bear Creek Mountain Resort, located just outside of Allentown. The resort’s snowy slopes and cozy cabins provide the perfect setting for the movie’s climactic finale.


As mentioned earlier, Boyertown played a significant role in Holly Star as Sloan’s hometown. This charming borough is known for its historic architecture and small-town charm. Some key locations featured in Holly Star include:

  • The State Theatre: A historic theater that serves as Sloan’s workplace.
  • The Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles: A museum showcasing antique cars.
  • The Other Farm Brewing Company: A local brewery where Sloan and Jackson enjoy a drink.

Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is a world-renowned botanical garden that spans over 1,000 acres. Its stunning Christmas displays are showcased throughout Holly Star, adding to its festive feel. Some highlights of Longwood Gardens include:

  • The Main Fountain Garden: A spectacular fountain display that features over 1,300 jets and streams of water.
  • The Conservatory: A massive greenhouse that houses plants from around the world.
  • The Music Room: A grand indoor space that features live music performances during the holidays.

Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Bear Creek Mountain Resort is a popular ski resort located in Macungie. Its snowy slopes and cozy cabins provide the perfect setting for Holly Star’s climactic finale. Some key locations at Bear Creek Mountain Resort include:

  • The Lodge: A cozy hotel with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
  • The Ski Slopes: A network of ski runs that cater to skiers of all skill levels.
  • The Spa: A luxurious spa where Sloan and Jackson relax after their adventure.


Holly Star is a heartwarming Christmas movie that showcases some of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful locations. From the quaint streets of Boyertown to the stunning displays at Longwood Gardens, this movie is a visual treat for anyone who loves the holiday season. So next time you watch Holly Star, pay close attention to its breathtaking locations and appreciate the beauty of Pennsylvania!