Where Was the 1957 Movie Tin Star Filmed?

If you’re a fan of classic Western movies, you’ve probably heard of the 1957 film Tin Star. Starring Henry Fonda and directed by Anthony Mann, this film tells the story of a retired sheriff who helps a young town marshal learn the ropes.

But have you ever wondered where this iconic movie was filmed? Let’s take a closer look.

The Setting

Tin Star takes place in Wyoming during the late 1800s. The film follows the story of Morgan Hickman (Henry Fonda), a veteran lawman who has retired from his job as a sheriff and is now traveling west to start a new life. Along the way, he meets Ben Owens (Anthony Perkins), a young man who has recently been appointed as the new marshal of the town of Bannock.

The Filming Locations

Although Tin Star is set in Wyoming, most of the filming took place in California. In fact, only one scene was filmed on location in Wyoming – the opening shot of Morgan Hickman riding across an open plain with mountains in the background.

The rest of the movie was filmed at various locations throughout California. Here are some of the most notable spots:

Red Rock Canyon State Park

Located about two hours north of Los Angeles, Red Rock Canyon State Park provided the perfect backdrop for many scenes in Tin Star. The park’s unique rock formations and desert landscape were used to represent both Wyoming and Texas.

Inyo National Forest

Several scenes from Tin Star were filmed in Inyo National Forest, which is located in eastern California near the Nevada border. This beautiful forest provided a lush backdrop for some of the movie’s more peaceful moments.

Alabama Hills

Another popular filming location in California is Alabama Hills, which is located near Lone Pine. This area was used to represent various locations throughout the movie, including the town of Bannock and the surrounding countryside.


While Tin Star is set in Wyoming, most of the filming took place in California. Locations such as Red Rock Canyon State Park, Inyo National Forest, and Alabama Hills were used to bring this classic Western to life. If you’re a fan of old movies or just enjoy exploring filming locations, these spots are definitely worth a visit.