Where Was Lone Star State of Mind Movie Filmed?

Are you a fan of the 2002 movie “Lone Star State of Mind”? If so, you might be wondering where the film was shot.

Well, look no further! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the filming locations for this classic crime comedy.


“Lone Star State of Mind” is a film that follows two friends, Earl and Baby, who get caught up in a series of misadventures after stealing money from a local mobster. The movie is set in the fictional town of Stump, Texas but was primarily filmed in various locations across California.

Main Filming Locations

  • Agua Dulce – This small town located in Los Angeles County served as the primary filming location for “Lone Star State of Mind.” Many scenes from the movie were filmed here, including the opening sequence where Earl and Baby rob a diner. The town’s rural setting made it an excellent choice for capturing the small-town vibe that the film portrays.
  • Palmdale – Another city located in Los Angeles County, Palmdale was used as a filming location for several scenes in the movie. One notable location was an abandoned gas station that served as Earl and Baby’s hideout.
  • Santa Clarita – This city located north of Los Angeles served as a filming location for several scenes in “Lone Star State of Mind.” One notable location was an industrial area where one of the movie’s climactic scenes takes place.

Additional Filming Locations

While most of “Lone Star State of Mind” was filmed in California, some scenes were also shot in other states:

  • Austin, Texas – The scene where the two main characters arrive in Stump, Texas, was filmed in Austin.
  • New York City – A few scenes from the movie were filmed in New York City, including a sequence that takes place in a hotel room.


While “Lone Star State of Mind” is set in Texas, the majority of the filming took place in California. The towns of Agua Dulce and Palmdale served as primary locations for many scenes, while Santa Clarita was used for a few others. Additionally, a few scenes were filmed in Austin and New York City.

Overall, the film’s varying locations helped capture the essence of small-town life while also incorporating elements from larger cities. So next time you watch “Lone Star State of Mind,” you’ll know exactly where it was filmed!