Where Is Video Editing in Blender?

If you’re new to Blender and wondering where to find the video editing tools, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Blender is a powerful 3D creation tool that can also be used for video editing. Here’s a guide on where to find the video editing tools in Blender.

Opening the Video Editor

To open the video editor in Blender, first, open Blender and select the Video Editing layout from the top of the screen. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Left Arrow or Ctrl+Right Arrow to switch between different layouts until you see the Video Editing layout.

Adding Videos to Blender

Once you have opened the video editor, you can add videos by clicking on “Add” at the bottom left of the screen. This will allow you to import videos from your computer into Blender. You can also drag and drop video files directly into Blender.

Basic Video Editing Tools

Now that your videos are added to Blender, it’s time to start editing. Here are some basic video editing tools that you’ll need:

Cut: The cut tool allows you to split your video into smaller segments.

Delete: The delete tool allows you to remove unwanted parts of your video.

Trim: The trim tool allows you to adjust the start and end points of a clip.

Speed Control: The speed control tool allows you to adjust the playback speed of a clip.

Add Effects and Transitions

Blender also offers various effects and transitions that can be added to your videos. To access these options, click on “Add” at the bottom left of the screen again and select either “Effect Strip” or “Transition.”


Effects can be used for color correction, adding text overlays, adding images or logos, and more. To add an effect, select “Effect Strip,” then choose the effect you want to add from the options provided.


Transitions are used to smoothly transition from one clip to another. Blender offers a variety of transitions such as cross dissolve, wipe, and more. To add a transition, select “Transition,” then choose the transition you want to add.

Exporting Your Video

Once you have finished editing your video in Blender, it’s time to export it. Click on “Render” at the top of the screen and select “Render Animation.” This will render your video with all of the effects and transitions that you have added.


Blender is a powerful tool for 3D creation but it also has impressive video editing capabilities. With Blender’s video editor, you can easily edit your videos by using basic tools like cut, delete, trim, and speed control.

You can also add effects and transitions to make your videos stand out. Once you’ve finished editing your video in Blender, simply export it and share it with the world!