Where Did They Film the Last Movie Star?

If you’re a movie buff, you might be curious about the locations where your favorite films were shot. One such movie that has been the talk of the town is “The Last Movie Star”.

This film has been praised for its exceptional performances and heart-wrenching story. But what most people don’t know is – where did they film “The Last Movie Star”?

Well, the answer is – Nashville, Tennessee. Yes, you read that right! The city that’s known for its music scene was also the backdrop for this incredible movie.

Why Nashville?

Nashville provided a perfect setting for the film’s storyline. It’s a city that’s rich in history and culture, and its scenic beauty adds to its charm. The movie captures the essence of Nashville through its various scenes featuring iconic landmarks like Ryman Auditorium and Country Music Hall of Fame.

The Filming Locations:

1. Ryman Auditorium: This historic venue holds great significance in Nashville’s music history.

Known as the “Mother Church of Country Music,” Ryman Auditorium has hosted several legendary musicians over the years. In “The Last Movie Star,” it serves as a venue where an award ceremony takes place.

2. Country Music Hall of Fame: Another iconic landmark in Nashville is the Country Music Hall of Fame.

This museum showcases the history of country music through various exhibits and artifacts. In the movie, it serves as a location where Burt Reynolds (the lead actor) signs autographs.

3. Belle Meade Plantation: This historic plantation served as a location for one of the film’s emotional scenes between Burt Reynolds and his on-screen love interest Ariel Winter.

4. Tennessee State Capitol Building: The Tennessee State Capitol Building serves as a backdrop for several scenes in “The Last Movie Star.” The building’s stunning architecture adds to the movie’s visual appeal.

The Plot:

“The Last Movie Star” is a story about an aging movie star named Vic Edwards (played by Burt Reynolds). He receives an invitation to receive a lifetime achievement award at a film festival in Nashville. Vic sees this as an opportunity to reconnect with his roots and sets out on a road trip to Nashville.

Once he reaches Nashville, he meets Lil (played by Ariel Winter), who serves as his driver and guide. Through their conversations, Vic learns about himself and the impact he has had on people’s lives. The movie explores themes of love, loss, and redemption.


“The Last Movie Star” is a beautiful film that captures the essence of Nashville through its stunning visuals and exceptional performances. The film’s locations serve as a perfect backdrop for its heart-warming story. If you’re planning a trip to Nashville, make sure to visit these iconic locations and relive the magic of “The Last Movie Star.”