Where Can I See the Movie the Last Movie Star?

Are you a Burt Reynolds fan? Do you want to see his final film, “The Last Movie Star”?

You’re in luck! We’ve got the details on where and how you can watch this heartfelt movie.

What is “The Last Movie Star”?

“The Last Movie Star” is a drama film that tells the story of an aging Hollywood actor, Vic Edwards (played by Burt Reynolds), who receives an invitation to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Nashville Film Festival. The trip takes him down memory lane as he reflects on his past and rekindles an old flame. It’s a touching tribute to Reynolds’ career and life.

Where Can I Watch “The Last Movie Star?”

“The Last Movie Star” was released in 2018 and is available for viewing on several platforms. Here’s where you can find it:

  • Amazon Prime Video – You can rent or buy “The Last Movie Star” on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, it’s free to stream.
  • Vudu – Vudu offers both rental and purchase options for “The Last Movie Star”.
  • iTunes – Apple users can rent or buy the film through iTunes.
  • Google Play Movies & TV – Android users can watch “The Last Movie Star” by renting or purchasing it through Google Play Movies & TV.
  • FandangoNOW – FandangoNOW offers rental and purchase options for the movie as well.


All of these platforms offer the movie in high definition for a better viewing experience.

In Conclusion..

If you’re a fan of Burt Reynolds, “The Last Movie Star” is a must-see film. It’s a touching tribute to his career and life, and will leave you with a sense of nostalgia.

With the availability on several platforms, it’s easy to find and watch from the comfort of your own home. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show!