Where Can I Learn Video Editing Online for Free?

Are you interested in video editing but don’t know where to start? Look no further!

There are plenty of online resources available that offer free video editing courses and tutorials. Here are some of the best places to learn video editing online for free:


Coursera is a popular online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses in various fields, including video editing. You can enroll in free courses like “Introduction to Video Editing” or “The Art of Video Editing” to learn the basics of video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X.


YouTube is an excellent resource for learning video editing. You will find numerous channels that offer step-by-step tutorials on how to use different video editing software. Some popular channels include Filmora Video Editor, Premiere Gal, and Casey Faris.


Udemy is another popular online learning platform that offers both free and paid courses in video editing. You can choose from beginner-level courses like “Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners” or more advanced courses like “Advanced Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.”

Adobe Creative Cloud Tutorials

If you’re interested in learning how to use Adobe’s suite of video editing software, then you should check out their Creative Cloud Tutorials. These tutorials cover everything from basic techniques to advanced features and are available for free on their website.

Vimeo Video School

Vimeo Video School is an excellent resource for those looking to learn about the art of filmmaking and video production. They offer a wide range of free tutorials on topics like cinematography, sound design, and yes – even video editing.


Learning how to edit videos may seem daunting at first, but with the help of these online resources, you can start your journey towards becoming a video editing pro. Whether you prefer to learn through video tutorials or structured courses, there is something for everyone. So why not get started today?