What’s the Scary Movie With the Red Balloon?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, then you’ve likely heard of the infamous red balloon that haunts the nightmares of moviegoers around the world. The scary movie in question is none other than “IT” – a 2017 supernatural horror film, based on a novel by Stephen King.

The movie follows a group of seven children living in Derry, Maine, who are terrorized by an ancient shapeshifting entity that takes on the form of their worst fears and often appears as a clown named Pennywise. Pennywise uses various tactics to lure his victims into his grasp, and one such tactic involves the use of a red balloon.

Pennywise’s Red Balloon

Throughout the film, Pennywise is frequently seen holding or offering a red balloon to his intended victims. These balloons are meant to be an ominous warning that something terrible is about to happen. The balloons are often found in places where they shouldn’t be or appear when no one is around to have placed them there.

The red balloon serves as a clever device to build suspense and fear in the audience. Whenever it appears on screen, we know that something bad is about to happen. The audience knows what’s coming, but they can’t look away.

The Significance of Red Balloons

In “IT,” the red balloon has several different meanings. On one level, it represents innocence and childhood – things that Pennywise wants to destroy. The balloons serve as an ironic contrast between something innocent and harmless with something terrifying and deadly.

On another level, the balloons represent Pennywise’s power over his victims. He uses them as a tool to lure children into danger and make them feel vulnerable and helpless.

  • The Opening Scene: In the opening scene of “IT,” we see Georgie chasing after his boat in the rain. When he reaches for it in the sewer, Pennywise appears holding a red balloon.

    The balloon acts as bait, drawing Georgie towards him and ultimately leading to his demise.

  • The Library: In another scene, Ben is in the library researching the history of Derry when he sees a red balloon floating outside the window. He follows it to a secluded corner of the library where he is then attacked by Pennywise.
  • The Sewer: Towards the end of the movie, we see Beverly trapped in the sewer with Pennywise. She looks up to see several red balloons floating above her, symbolizing how deeply she is trapped in his grasp.

In Conclusion

The red balloon in “IT” serves as a visual reminder that danger is always lurking – even in something as innocent and harmless as a balloon. It’s used to create tension and fear in the audience and ultimately becomes one of the most iconic elements of this modern horror classic.

If you’re a fan of horror movies, then “IT” is definitely one to add to your list. Just be warned – you might never look at a red balloon the same way again!