What Was Used for Some of the Asteroids in the Star Wars Movie?

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise, you may have noticed the use of asteroids in some of the epic space battles. These massive rocks hurtling through space make for an exciting and visually stunning addition to the films. But what exactly were they made of?

The answer might surprise you! The asteroids seen in Star Wars were actually made out of potatoes! Yes, you read that right – potatoes.

Why Potatoes?

Potatoes were used as a cost-effective solution to create the asteroid props needed for filming. The producers needed something that was easy to carve and shape into various sizes and shapes, while still looking realistic on camera. Potatoes fit the bill perfectly.

How Were They Made?

To create these potato asteroids, the production team first carved them into desired shapes using knives and other tools. They then coated them with a layer of plaster to give them a rocky texture and appearance. Finally, they were painted gray or brown to match the color scheme of actual asteroids.

The Challenges

While using potatoes may have been a practical solution, it had its challenges. For one thing, potatoes are not very durable and can easily break or crumble if handled too roughly.

Additionally, they are susceptible to rotting if left out in warm temperatures for too long. To combat these issues, the potato asteroids were kept refrigerated when not in use and handled with care on set.

The Legacy

The use of potatoes as asteroid props may seem like a quirky detail, but it has become a beloved piece of Star Wars trivia among fans. It just goes to show that sometimes even the most unconventional solutions can lead to some truly iconic moments in film.

  • Potatoes were used as asteroid props in Star Wars
  • They were carved into desired shapes and coated with plaster
  • Potatoes were a cost-effective solution for the production team
  • The potato asteroids were kept refrigerated and handled with care on set
  • The use of potatoes has become a beloved piece of Star Wars trivia among fans


So there you have it – the secret behind the asteroid props in Star Wars. Who knew that such a simple ingredient as potatoes could play such a crucial role in creating one of the most iconic sci-fi franchises of all time? It just goes to show that creativity and resourcefulness can go a long way in the world of filmmaking.