What Was the Very First Star Wars Movie?

When it comes to the Star Wars franchise, it’s hard to imagine a world without it. With fans spanning generations and a cultural impact that has lasted decades, it’s hard to imagine a time when the first Star Wars movie didn’t exist. But every journey has a beginning, and for Star Wars, that beginning was in 1977 with the release of “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”.

The Beginning of an Iconic Franchise

Before we dive into the details of the first Star Wars movie, let’s take a moment to appreciate just how far this franchise has come. With nine main saga films, numerous spin-offs and TV shows, theme park attractions, and countless books and comics, Star Wars has become one of the most beloved and recognizable franchises in pop culture.

But it all started with one movie – “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”. Directed by George Lucas and released in 1977, this film introduced audiences to a galaxy far, far away filled with iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and more.

The Plot

The plot of “A New Hope” follows Luke Skywalker as he sets out on a journey to rescue Princess Leia from the clutches of the evil Empire. Along the way he meets Han Solo and Chewbacca and together they embark on a mission to destroy the Empire’s ultimate weapon – the Death Star.

As they navigate through dangerous territory filled with Stormtroopers and other dangers, Luke discovers that he is more connected to this conflict than he ever could have imagined. With guidance from wise Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and his own burgeoning connection to the Force, Luke must confront his destiny as he faces off against Darth Vader himself.

The Impact

“A New Hope” was an instant success upon its release in 1977. It broke box office records and became a cultural phenomenon, sparking a wave of merchandise, fan clubs, and more. Its impact on pop culture cannot be overstated – from its iconic score by John Williams to its groundbreaking special effects, “A New Hope” changed the game for science fiction and fantasy films.

But perhaps its greatest legacy is the way it captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences around the world. The themes of heroism, family, friendship, and the fight against oppression resonated with viewers young and old, making Star Wars a franchise that has endured for over four decades.


In conclusion, “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” was the first movie in what would become one of the most beloved franchises in pop culture history. Its impact on film, music, and storytelling cannot be overstated, and its characters and themes continue to inspire new generations of fans today. Whether you’re a diehard fan or new to the franchise, there’s no denying that “A New Hope” is a classic that will always hold a special place in cinema history.