What Was the Plot of the First Star Trek Movie?

The first Star Trek movie, released in 1979, was a major event for fans of the television series, which had ended its run a decade earlier. Directed by Robert Wise, the movie reunited the original cast of the show and offered a new adventure for them to embark upon. But what was the plot of this iconic film?

The V’Ger Threat

The movie opens with an ominous threat to Earth: an enormous cloud-like entity is headed directly for the planet, destroying everything in its path. As Starfleet scrambles to figure out how to stop it, Captain James T. Kirk is called back into action to take command of the newly-refitted USS Enterprise.

Reunited Crew

Kirk’s old crew is also reunited for this mission, including Mr. Spock, Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Montgomery “Scotty” Scott and Hikaru Sulu. The team soon discovers that the mysterious cloud is actually a massive spaceship called V’Ger that has been traveling through space for centuries.

Encounter with V’Ger

As they get closer to V’Ger and try to establish communication with it, they encounter a powerful energy field that severely damages their ship. Kirk and Spock must venture out into space to repair it while McCoy tries to treat injured crew members.

The Origin of V’Ger

Once aboard V’Ger’s ship, Kirk and his team discover that it was once a simple space probe launched by humans in the 20th century. However, it has since encountered an alien race that enhanced its abilities and consciousness beyond human understanding.

Mission Accomplished

After many twists and turns in their journey through V’Ger’s ship and after overcoming various obstacles along the way such as a deadly robotic defense system designed by V’Ger’s creators, the crew of the Enterprise is able to communicate with V’Ger and ultimately help it achieve its ultimate goal – to merge with its creators and evolve into a new life form.


The plot of the first Star Trek movie was a thrilling adventure that brought back beloved characters from the original series while introducing new mysteries and threats for them to face. With stunning visuals, an epic score by Jerry Goldsmith, and a thought-provoking storyline, this movie set the stage for many more adventures in the Star Trek universe.