What Was the First Handheld Video Camera?

Do you remember the time when smartphones didn’t exist? The days when people used to carry a bulky video camera to capture their precious moments. But, have you ever thought about the first handheld video camera?

Well, the first handheld video camera was introduced in 1983 by Sony Corporation and was named “Betacam”. Betacam was a portable version of the company’s existing Betamax videotape format. It weighed around 7 pounds and was primarily used by professional videographers.

Betacam had a built-in recorder that could record up to 30 minutes of video on a single cassette. The device also had a small viewfinder that allowed users to see what they were recording. With its introduction, Betacam revolutionized the way videos were recorded as it eliminated the need for bulky cameras and complicated filming setups.

In 1985, Sony introduced another handheld video camera called “Handycam”. Handycam was smaller than Betacam as it weighed only 2.5 pounds and could be easily held in one hand. It used Hi8 format tapes that were capable of recording up to 60 minutes of footage.

The success of Handycam paved the way for other companies such as Panasonic, JVC, and Canon to enter the market with their own versions of handheld video cameras. These devices became popular among consumers as they made it easy for them to record their everyday moments without having to carry heavy equipment.

With the advent of digital technology in the late 1990s, handheld video cameras evolved even further. They became smaller, lighter, and more affordable while offering better picture quality. Today, most smartphones come equipped with high-quality cameras that can record videos at resolutions up to 4K.

In conclusion, Sony’s Betacam was the first-ever handheld video camera introduced in 1983 followed by Handycam in 1985 which revolutionized the way videos are recorded today. With technological advancements, handheld cameras have become more compact and affordable, making it easy for anyone to capture their memorable moments on the go.