What Video Quality Does Verizon Stream At?

Are you a Verizon customer wondering about the video quality when streaming content? Look no further!

Verizon offers various video quality options depending on your device and plan. Let’s dive into the details.

Video Quality Options

Verizon offers three main video quality options: Auto, HD, and SD. These options are available for both Android and iOS devices.


The Auto setting automatically adjusts the video quality based on your network connection. This means that if you have a strong connection, the video will stream in HD. However, if your connection is weak, it will adjust to SD to prevent buffering.


The HD setting streams videos in high definition (720p or 1080p) if your device supports it. This option is only available for customers who have an Unlimited plan.


The SD setting streams videos in standard definition (480p) to conserve data usage. This option is available for all customers.

How to Change Video Quality Settings

If you want to change your video quality settings, follow these steps:

  • Open the My Verizon app.
  • Select “Account” from the bottom menu.
  • Select “Add-Ons. “
  • Select “Entertainment.

  • Select “Manage” next to “Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+. “
  • Select “Video Quality Settings. “
  • Choose your desired setting: Auto, HD, or SD.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Verizon offers various video quality options for customers to choose from depending on their devices and plans. Whether you want high definition or standard definition streaming, there’s an option for everyone.

Changing your video quality settings is easy and can be done through the My Verizon app. Happy streaming!