What Vampire Movie Did George Hamilton Star In?

If you are a fan of vampire movies, you might be wondering, “What vampire movie did George Hamilton star in?” Well, wonder no more! George Hamilton starred in the 1979 comedy-horror film “Love at First Bite.”

The Plot

“Love at First Bite” tells the story of Count Dracula (played by George Hamilton), who is forced to leave his castle in Transylvania and move to New York City. He becomes enamored with a model named Cindy Sondheim (Susan Saint James) and attempts to make her his bride.

However, he faces competition from Cindy’s psychiatrist boyfriend Jeffrey Rosenberg (Richard Benjamin). The film is a comedic take on the classic vampire tale.

The Cast

Aside from George Hamilton as Count Dracula, “Love at First Bite” also stars Susan Saint James as Cindy Sondheim and Richard Benjamin as Jeffrey Rosenberg. Other notable cast members include Dick Shawn as Renfield and Arte Johnson as Lieutenant Ferguson.

The Reception

“Love at First Bite” was generally well-received by audiences and critics alike. It grossed over $43 million at the box office and was praised for its humor and performances. However, some critics felt that it relied too heavily on slapstick comedy and didn’t take full advantage of its potential for social satire.

The Legacy

“Love at First Bite” has become a cult classic among vampire movie fans. It is often cited as one of the best examples of horror-comedy, alongside other films such as “Shaun of the Dead” and “The Cabin in the Woods.” The film’s success also helped to establish George Hamilton as a comedic actor.

In conclusion, if you were wondering what vampire movie George Hamilton starred in, it was “Love at First Bite.” This comedy-horror film has become a beloved cult classic among fans of the genre and is a must-see for anyone who loves a good vampire tale with a healthy dose of humor.