What Star Wars Movie Was Loth Cat In?

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise, you might have come across a cute and furry creature called the Loth Cat. But which Star Wars movie was it in? Let’s find out!

What is a Loth Cat?

First things first, let’s talk about what a Loth Cat is. It’s a feline-like creature that is native to the planet Lothal, hence the name.

They have long fur and are known for their piercing green eyes. In the Star Wars universe, they are often kept as pets by the locals.

The Appearance of Loth Cats in Star Wars

Now that we know what a Loth Cat is, let’s talk about its appearances in Star Wars movies. The first time we see them on screen is in the animated TV series called Star Wars Rebels. The show follows a group of rebels who fight against the evil Empire, and one of their members happens to be from Lothal.

In season 1, episode 1 of Star Wars Rebels titled “Spark of Rebellion,” we see Ezra Bridger, one of the main characters, encounter a group of Loth Cats while he’s trying to steal from an Imperial supply ship. Throughout the series, we see more of these creatures as they become an integral part of Ezra’s character development.

Loth Cats in Other Star Wars Media

Apart from their appearances in Star Wars Rebels, we also see Loth Cats in other media related to the franchise. For example:

  • In the mobile game called Galaxy of Heroes, you can collect various characters from different eras of Star Wars including Loth Cats.
  • In season 1, episode 7 titled “The Relic Raiders” of another animated series called Forces of Destiny, Princess Leia encounters a group of Loth Cats on Endor.


So, to answer the question – which Star Wars movie was Loth Cat in? The answer is none.

However, they have made appearances in other media related to the franchise such as the animated TV series Star Wars Rebels and mobile game Galaxy of Heroes, among others. Regardless of their limited screen time, Loth Cats have become a fan favorite due to their adorable appearance and unique characteristics.