What Star Wars Movie Was in Big Bang Theory?

If you are a fan of both Star Wars and The Big Bang Theory, then you might have noticed that the show makes numerous references to the epic space opera franchise. From costumes to dialogue, the showrunners have incorporated several nods to the beloved franchise throughout the series. But if you’re wondering which Star Wars movie was featured in The Big Bang Theory, we’ve got you covered.

The Answer: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

In season 2 episode 21 of The Big Bang Theory, titled “The Vegas Renormalization,” Leonard, Raj, and Howard decide to take a road trip to Las Vegas after Sheldon refuses to join them. During their journey, they make a pit stop at a convenience store where they purchase a box of vintage Star Wars figures. Later in the episode, they use these figures to create a diorama recreating the Battle of Hoth from Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.

The Battle of Hoth

For those unfamiliar with the franchise or need a refresher, The Battle of Hoth is a major battle sequence that takes place in Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. It is one of the most iconic and memorable scenes in the entire franchise as it features an attack by Imperial forces on the Rebel Alliance’s Echo Base on Hoth.

The scene involves several key characters such as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo trying to defend their base while Princess Leia and others try to evacuate. It’s an epic battle that showcases some incredible special effects and action sequences that have become synonymous with the franchise.

The Diorama

Returning back to The Big Bang Theory episode, Leonard, Raj, and Howard create an elaborate diorama featuring their Star Wars figures recreating this iconic scene. They even go as far as creating sound effects and dialogue for each character while playing out different scenarios.

This scene not only showcases their love for the franchise but also highlights the level of detail and creativity that goes into making something like a diorama. It’s a great nod to Star Wars and the fandom surrounding it.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back was the Star Wars movie referenced in The Big Bang Theory. This episode is just one of many examples of how the show has paid homage to the iconic franchise over the years. If you’re a fan of both Star Wars and The Big Bang Theory, this episode is definitely worth re-watching to catch all of the Easter eggs and references scattered throughout.