What Star Wars Movie Was Filmed in Norway?

Norway has been home to many films over the years, but Star Wars fans may be surprised to learn that one of the movies in the franchise was filmed in this beautiful Scandinavian country. The movie in question is none other than Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, which was released in 1980.

The Filming Locations

The Empire Strikes Back is known for its stunning visuals and breathtaking landscapes, and Norway played a significant role in bringing those visuals to life. Specifically, the scenes featuring the ice planet Hoth were filmed in Finse, Norway. This small village is located on the Bergen Railway line and sits at an altitude of 1,222 meters above sea level.

Why Choose Norway?

So why did the filmmakers choose Norway as a location for Hoth? The answer lies in the country’s unique terrain.

Finse is located near Hardangerj√łkulen, which is one of Norway’s largest glaciers. This made it an ideal location for filming scenes set on an ice planet.

The Challenges of Filming in Norway

While filming in Norway provided some stunning visuals for The Empire Strikes Back, it wasn’t without its challenges. The crew had to deal with extreme weather conditions while filming on location. Temperatures often dropped below freezing, making it difficult for both cast and crew to work outside for extended periods of time.


In conclusion, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was filmed in Finse, Norway. This small village provided the perfect backdrop for scenes set on the ice planet Hoth thanks to its unique terrain and proximity to a large glacier. While filming in Norway presented some challenges due to extreme weather conditions, it ultimately provided some of the most memorable visuals from the entire franchise.