What Star Wars Movie Was Ewok In?

Are you a Star Wars fan wondering which movie featured the beloved Ewoks? Look no further, as we take you on a journey through the films of this iconic franchise.

What are Ewoks?

Ewoks are furry, teddy bear-like creatures that inhabit the forest moon of Endor in the Star Wars universe. They first appeared in the film Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, which was released in 1983.

The Role of Ewoks in Star Wars

In Return of the Jedi, Ewoks played a crucial role in aiding the Rebel Alliance against the forces of the Galactic Empire. The Alliance had planned an attack on a shield generator that protected the Death Star II, which was under construction above Endor.

However, they were spotted by Imperial forces and had to fight their way out. The Ewoks helped turn the tide by joining forces with them and attacking Imperial troops.

Ewok Spin-Offs

The popularity of Ewoks led to two spin-off television movies – The Ewok Adventure (1984) and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985). These films focused on adventures involving Wicket, a young Ewok who befriended Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi.


So there you have it – Ewoks were first introduced in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. They played a significant role in helping defeat the Empire and went on to become beloved characters among fans. If you haven’t seen this iconic film yet, we highly recommend giving it a watch!