What Star Wars Movie Was DJ Rex In?

If you are a fan of Star Wars, chances are you have heard of DJ Rex, the droid that is known for his music and witty comments. But which Star Wars movie does DJ Rex appear in? Let’s find out.

The Origin of DJ Rex

DJ Rex was first introduced to the world in 1987 at Disneyland’s Star Tours attraction. He was the original pilot for the ride, and guests were able to hear him make comments and jokes throughout the experience.

DJ Rex in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Fast forward to 2019, and DJ Rex made a comeback in the new land at Disneyland called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This time, he is featured as a DJ at Oga’s Cantina, a popular spot for drinks and entertainment.

The Role of DJ Rex in Oga’s Cantina

As a DJ, DJ Rex plays various tunes that fit with the atmosphere of Oga’s Cantina. He also makes comments and interacts with guests who come to enjoy drinks and socialize.

Why Fans Love DJ Rex

Fans love DJ Rex because he adds an extra layer of fun and entertainment to their experience at Oga’s Cantina. His quirky personality and catchy music make him stand out as a unique character in the Star Wars universe.


In conclusion, while DJ Rex did not appear in any of the Star Wars movies, he has become an important part of Star Wars culture through his appearances at Disneyland’s attractions and his role as a DJ in Oga’s Cantina. His popularity among fans continues to grow, making him one of the beloved characters from the franchise.