What Star Wars Movie Was 4-Lom In?

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise, you may be familiar with the name 4-LOM. This droid character has made appearances in various forms of media throughout the years, including movies, books, and video games.

But which Star Wars movie does 4-LOM actually appear in? Let’s take a closer look.

The Origins of 4-LOM

Before we dive into which movie 4-LOM appears in, let’s first explore the origins of this unique droid. 4-LOM was created by Industrial Automaton, a company that specialized in creating droids for various purposes.

However, 4-LOM was unlike any other droid they had created before. This was due to its unique programming that allowed it to become a bounty hunter.

4-LOM on the Page

While 4-LOM made its debut in The Empire Strikes Back action figure line released by Kenner Products in 1982, it wasn’t until later that year that the character appeared in written form. Specifically, 4-LOM made its first appearance in the novel “The Empire Strikes Back: A Storybook” by Shep Steneman.

4-LOM on Screen

Now let’s get to the main event – which Star Wars movie does 4-LOM actually appear in? The answer is “The Empire Strikes Back.” While you won’t see 4-LOM onscreen for very long (it’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo), it is present nonetheless.

Specifically, if you watch closely during the scene where Darth Vader is assembling bounty hunters to find the Millennium Falcon (around the 24:15 mark), you’ll see a brief shot of two droids standing next to Boba Fett. One of those droids is none other than 4-LOM.

The Legacy of 4-LOM

While 4-LOM may not have had a significant role in the Star Wars movies, it has certainly left its mark on the franchise. In addition to appearing in various books and comics, 4-LOM has also made appearances in several video games, such as “Star Wars: Bounty Hunter” and “Lego Star Wars: The Video Game.”


In conclusion, while 4-LOM may not be the most well-known character in the Star Wars franchise, it is still an important one nonetheless. And while its appearance in “The Empire Strikes Back” may be brief, it is still worth noting for fans of the character. So next time you watch that iconic scene with Darth Vader and his bounty hunters, keep an eye out for 4-LOM – you never know where this droid might pop up next!