What Star Wars Movie Is the Razor Crest In?

If you are a fan of Star Wars, then you might have come across the Razor Crest – the iconic ship that belongs to the protagonist of The Mandalorian series. But have you ever wondered which Star Wars movie it features in? In this article, we will take a look at the history of the Razor Crest and where it fits into the Star Wars universe.

Introduction to the Razor Crest

The Razor Crest is a gunship that was first seen in The Mandalorian series, which premiered on Disney+ in 2019. The ship belongs to Din Djarin, who is also known as “The Mandalorian,” and serves as his primary mode of transportation throughout the show.

The Role of the Razor Crest in The Mandalorian

Throughout The Mandalorian series, the Razor Crest plays an essential role in transporting Din Djarin from one planet to another as he goes on various missions. The ship also serves as a base for Din Djarin and his allies.

The History of the Razor Crest

While most people know about the Razor Crest from its appearance in The Mandalorian, it actually has a much longer history within the Star Wars universe. The gunship made its first appearance in 2019’s Star Wars: Battlefront II video game. In this game, players could fly their own Razor Crest and engage in dogfights with other ships.

The Appearance of Razor Crest in Other Media

Since its debut in Battlefront II, the Razor Crest has appeared in several other Star Wars media. For instance, it was featured prominently in a comic book titled “Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #11”, which was released by Marvel Comics in February 2021.


In conclusion, while most people think that they first saw the iconic gunship -the Razor Crest- on The Mandalorian, it actually made its debut in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Since then, it has become a fan-favorite and has been featured in various other Star Wars media. Regardless of where you first saw the Razor Crest, there is no denying that it is an iconic and beloved part of the Star Wars universe.