What Star Wars Movie Has the Giant Worm?

Do you remember watching the Star Wars movies and encountering a giant worm? If so, you might be wondering which movie featured this memorable creature. Fear not, for we have the answer!

The Giant Worm in Star Wars

The giant worm that you’re thinking of is actually called an Exogorth. These massive creatures are found in the asteroid fields of the Star Wars universe and are sometimes referred to as space slugs.

The Movie with the Exogorth

The movie that features the Exogorth is none other than “The Empire Strikes Back.” In this film, our heroes are fleeing from the Empire and seek refuge in an asteroid field. However, they soon discover that one of these asteroids is actually a giant space slug with a penchant for eating starships.

Encounter with the Exogorth

As our heroes navigate through the asteroid field, they unknowingly fly into the mouth of the Exogorth. Once inside, they realize their mistake and try to escape before becoming its next meal.

Fun Fact: The sound effect for the inside of the Exogorth was created by recording sounds from a cow’s stomach!


So there you have it – if you’re looking for the Star Wars movie with a giant worm, it’s “The Empire Strikes Back” that you want. From its impressive size to its unique appearance, the Exogorth is certainly one of the more memorable creatures in the Star Wars universe.