What Star Wars Movie Has the Battle of Jakku?

The Battle of Jakku is a pivotal moment in the Star Wars timeline, and fans have been eagerly searching for the movie that depicts this epic event. In this article, we will explore which Star Wars movie features the Battle of Jakku and why it holds such importance in the franchise.

What is the Battle of Jakku?

The Battle of Jakku was fought between the Rebel Alliance (later known as the New Republic) and the Galactic Empire one year after the events of Return of the Jedi. It was a decisive battle that ended with the Empire’s defeat and retreat to the Outer Rim territories, effectively ending their reign and establishing a new government.

Which Star Wars movie has the Battle of Jakku?

The Battle of Jakku is not actually depicted in any of the Star Wars movies. However, it is featured in several other forms of media within the franchise.

Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy

The Battle of Jakku is heavily featured in Chuck Wendig’s Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy, which consists of three books that take place after Return of the Jedi. The first book, simply titled “Aftermath,” sets up the events leading up to and during the battle.

The second book, “Life Debt,” explores its aftermath and aftermath effects on various characters. The third book, “Empire’s End,” concludes this storyline.

Star Wars: Battlefront II video game

The Battlefront II video game features a single-player campaign that includes a mission set during The Battle Of Jakku. Players control Iden Versio, an Imperial special forces operative who witnesses her allies’ defeat at Jakku and ultimately defects to join forces with The New Republic.

Star Wars: Shattered Empire comic series

The four-issue comic series takes place immediately after Return Of The Jedi and follows the adventures of Rebel pilot Shara Bey and her husband, Sergeant Kes Dameron. The final issue features the Battle of Jakku, with Bey and Dameron fighting on the front lines.

Why is the Battle of Jakku important?

The Battle of Jakku is significant because it marks the end of the Galactic Empire’s reign and paves the way for a new government to take over. It also explains why in The Force Awakens, we see wrecked Star Destroyers on Jakku’s surface, as they crashed during the battle. Additionally, it sets up the political landscape for future films, including The Last Jedi and The Rise Of Skywalker.

In conclusion, while the Battle of Jakku is not explicitly depicted in any Star Wars movie, it is still a crucial moment in franchise history that has been explored in other forms of media. Whether through Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy or Star Wars: Battlefront II video game or Shattered Empire comic series, fans can experience this epic battle that marks a turning point in galactic history.