What Star Wars Movie Had E.T in It?

Did you know that one of the most beloved science fiction movies of all time, Star Wars, had a special cameo appearance from an iconic alien character? That’s right!

E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial, made an appearance in one of the Star Wars movies. But which one exactly? Let’s find out!

The Cameo Appearance

The cameo appearance happened in the 1982 Steven Spielberg movie, E. the Extra-Terrestrial.

In one of the scenes, E. is seen watching television while Elliott and Michael play dress-up. The TV shows a scene from the 1980 Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back.

The Connection Between Star Wars and E.

You may be wondering why these two iconic movies were linked together in this way. It all comes down to their directors – George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

Lucas and Spielberg have been close friends for decades and have often collaborated on each other’s movies. In fact, they were both working on their respective movies at the same time in 1981. Lucas was working on The Empire Strikes Back while Spielberg was working on E.

During a visit to each other’s sets, they came up with the idea to include a reference to each other’s movie in their own films as a fun Easter egg for fans.

Other Connections Between Star Wars and E.

The connection between these two classic films doesn’t stop there! If you look closely at some scenes from The Phantom Menace (1999), you can spot some members of E.’s species called “The Greys” in the Galactic Senate scene.

Additionally, John Williams composed music for both Star Wars and E., meaning that there are musical similarities between these two iconic franchises.


While it may seem like a small detail, the cameo appearance of E. in The Empire Strikes Back is a fun nod to the friendship between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and the connection between these two iconic movies. It’s just one example of how these two directors have influenced and collaborated with each other over the years.