What Star Wars Movie Did Mark Twitchell?

Mark Twitchell is a Canadian filmmaker who became infamous for his heinous crime of murdering a man and attempting to kill another, inspired by the iconic Star Wars franchise.

In October 2008, Twitchell lured Johnny Altinger, a 38-year-old man, to his garage under the pretense of meeting a woman for a date. Instead, he attacked Altinger with a stun baton and then killed him by stabbing him multiple times. Twitchell had meticulously planned and staged the murder to resemble a scene from the movie ‘Dexter.’

But what connection does this have with Star Wars?

Well, according to reports, Twitchell was an ardent fan of the space opera franchise and even made his own fan film titled ‘Secrets of the Rebellion.’ The movie reportedly took inspiration from Star Wars and showcased Twitchell’s love for filmmaking.

In fact, during Twitchell’s trial, prosecutors presented evidence of his obsession with Star Wars. They showed how he had created online profiles posing as different characters from the franchise and had even bought replica lightsabers.

Moreover, in one of his journals recovered by police after his arrest, Twitchell had written about how he saw himself as a Sith Lord like Darth Vader. He believed that he was destined for greatness and that killing someone would be his first step towards achieving it.

Twitchell’s fascination with Star Wars wasn’t just limited to making fan films or collecting memorabilia. It had taken a dark turn, leading him down a path of violence and murder.

In conclusion, Mark Twitchell’s connection to Star Wars goes beyond just being a fan. It played an integral part in his twisted psyche that led him to commit unspeakable crimes. His story is a reminder that while movies can be entertaining and inspiring, it’s essential not to let them blur our sense of reality or morality.