What Star Wars Movie Came Out May 4?

May the Fourth be with you! Star Wars fans all over the world celebrate May 4th as a special day.

But why is it so significant? Well, May 4th is considered an unofficial holiday for Star Wars fans because of a pun. “May the Fourth” sounds like “May the Force” be with you, a famous catchphrase from the beloved film franchise.

Now, let’s talk about the main question: what Star Wars movie came out on May 4th?

The answer is none! Unfortunately, there has never been a Star Wars movie release on May 4th. However, that doesn’t stop fans from celebrating this special day in their unique ways.

Some fans have movie marathons and watch every Star Wars film in order, while others dress up as their favorite characters and attend themed parties. The Star Wars website also offers exclusive content and discounts on merchandise to celebrate May the Fourth.

So while there may not be a new Star Wars movie release on this day, May 4th still holds a special place in every fan’s heart.

In conclusion, while no new Star Wars movies have been released on May 4th, it has become an important day for fans to celebrate their love for the franchise. From movie marathons to costume parties and exclusive merchandise deals, May the Fourth is a day to show your dedication to a galaxy far far away.