What Should Be in a Video Editing Portfolio?

When it comes to video editing, having a well-curated portfolio can make all the difference in securing new clients or landing that dream job. But what exactly should be included in a video editing portfolio? Here are some essential elements to consider:

1. Highlight Reel

Your highlight reel is your chance to showcase your best work in a concise and visually engaging way. Consider including a mix of different types of projects, such as music videos, commercials, short films, and corporate videos. Keep it short and sweet – aim for no longer than 2-3 minutes.

2. Before & After Examples

One of the most impressive ways to showcase your skills is by providing before-and-after examples of your work. This could include raw footage alongside the final edited product, or split-screen comparisons of the original footage and final product.

3. Client Testimonials

Including testimonials from previous clients can help establish trust with potential clients and show that you have a proven track record of delivering quality results. Consider including quotes or even video testimonials from satisfied clients.

4. Breakdowns & Tutorials

Breaking down the editing process behind some of your projects can be incredibly informative for potential clients or employers. Consider including tutorials on specific techniques you used in some of your projects, or breakdowns that show how you approached a particularly challenging edit.

5. Diversity in Projects

While having a specific niche can be beneficial in certain cases, showcasing diversity in your portfolio can demonstrate versatility and adaptability as an editor. Including samples from different genres or styles can help demonstrate this.

6. Personal Branding & Design

Lastly, don’t forget about personal branding and design elements that tie everything together visually. This could include an eye-catching logo, consistent color schemes throughout the portfolio, and a well-designed website or portfolio platform.


In summary, a video editing portfolio should include a highlight reel, before-and-after examples, client testimonials, breakdowns and tutorials, diversity in projects, and personal branding/design elements. By curating your portfolio with these essential elements in mind, you can showcase your skills and stand out from the competition.