What Scary Movie Was Michael Jackson In?

If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson, you might be surprised to know that he actually appeared in a horror movie! The King of Pop made a cameo appearance in the 1988 film “Moonwalker,” which is a mix of live-action and animation.

The Plot

The movie follows Michael Jackson as he tries to save kidnapped children from the clutches of an evil drug lord named Mr. Big. With the help of some magical powers and his signature dance moves, he defeats Mr. Big and rescues the children.

Michael’s Role

In “Moonwalker,” Michael Jackson plays himself. He appears in a segment called “Smooth Criminal,” which is based on his hit song of the same name.

In this segment, Michael wears his iconic white suit and fedora and performs an epic dance routine with some special effects that make him appear to defy gravity.

The Reception

“Moonwalker” received mixed reviews upon its release, but it has since become a cult classic among Michael Jackson fans. The movie features some of his most iconic music videos, including “Bad” and “Thriller,” as well as some impressive dance sequences.


So there you have it – Michael Jackson’s only appearance in a horror movie was in “Moonwalker.” While it may not be a traditional horror film, it certainly has its spooky moments and is worth checking out for any die-hard MJ fans out there.

  • Fun Fact: The Smooth Criminal segment from “Moonwalker” was later turned into a full-length music video for the song.
  • Trivia: The voice of Mr. Big in the film was provided by none other than Joe Pesci, who also appeared in Michael Jackson’s music video for “Bad. “