What Scary Movie Was Kim Kardashian In?

If you’re a fan of both Kim Kardashian and horror movies, then you might be wondering – what scary movie was Kim Kardashian in? Well, the answer might surprise you.

Kim Kardashian has actually appeared in several horror movies throughout her career, although her roles have been relatively minor. In 2008, she made a cameo in the spoof film “Disaster Movie,” which parodied various disaster and monster movies. In the film, Kardashian played herself and was attacked by a group of rampaging bees.

But that’s not all – Kardashian also appeared in the 2009 horror film “Deep in the Valley,” which starred Chris Pratt and Brendan Hines as two friends who are transported into a pornographic alternate universe. In the film, Kardashian played a character named Summa Eve, who is described as a “famous porn star” and appears in one scene alongside her real-life former boyfriend Ray J.

While these roles might not have been major parts for Kardashian, they do show that she has dabbled in horror films in the past. It’s unclear if she has any plans to return to the genre anytime soon, but it’s always possible that she could surprise us with another cameo or supporting role.

So there you have it – while Kim Kardashian might not be known for her horror movie roles, she has certainly dipped her toe into the genre before. Whether or not we’ll see more of her onscreen scares remains to be seen.


In conclusion, Kim Kardashian has appeared in two horror movies – “Disaster Movie” and “Deep in the Valley.” While both roles were minor, they do show that she has an interest in this genre of film. Who knows – maybe we’ll see more of her onscreen scares in the future!