What Scary Movie Was Filmed in Virginia?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you might be curious about which scary movie was filmed in Virginia. Many horror movies are set in dark forests or abandoned buildings, which can be found all over Virginia. In this article, we’ll explore one of the most famous horror movies to come out of Virginia – “The Blair Witch Project.”

The Blair Witch Project – A Classic Horror Movie

“The Blair Witch Project” is a found-footage horror movie that was released in 1999. It tells the story of three film students who travel to the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to make a documentary about the local legend of the Blair Witch.

The Filming Locations

While the story takes place in Maryland, the movie was actually filmed in various locations across Virginia. The majority of the outdoor scenes were shot in Seneca Creek State Park, located in Montgomery County, Maryland. However, many interior scenes were filmed inside an old historic house located at 528 N Main St., Burkittsville, MD.

Seneca Creek State Park

Seneca Creek State Park is a beautiful park that offers scenic views and hiking trails. However, it’s also known for its connection to “The Blair Witch Project.” Fans of the movie can visit some of the filming locations and even take part in a guided tour that will take them through some of the more iconic spots from the film.

Historic Burkittsville

Burkittsville is a small town located near Seneca Creek State Park. While much of “The Blair Witch Project” was filmed on location in Burkittsville, it’s worth noting that many scenes were also shot on sets built specifically for the movie. Nevertheless, fans can still visit some iconic spots from the film such as The Black Woods and Coffin Rock.


“The Blair Witch Project” is a classic horror movie that continues to scare audiences to this day. While the movie takes place in Maryland, much of it was filmed in Virginia.

Fans of the film can visit Seneca Creek State Park and Burkittsville to see some of the iconic filming locations for themselves. If you’re a fan of horror movies or just looking for a spooky adventure, consider visiting these locations and experiencing the legend of the Blair Witch first-hand.