What Scary Movie Is Tonight You Belong to Me In?

Are you in the mood for a spine-chilling movie tonight? Look no further than “You Belong to Me”!

This 2017 horror film directed by Vaughn Stein is sure to leave you feeling uneasy and terrified. But what makes this movie so scary, and where can you watch it tonight? Let’s dive in.

Plot Summary

“You Belong to Me” follows the story of a psychiatrist named Dr. Sarah Gordon, played by the talented actress Imogen Poots. Dr. Gordon is assigned to work with a new patient, a man named David (played by Simon Pegg). David is convinced that he has been stalked his entire life by a doppelganger or evil twin, who has made his life miserable and caused him to lose everything he once held dear.

As Dr. Gordon begins to unravel David’s past and uncover the truth about his supposed doppelganger, she finds herself drawn deeper into his world of fear and paranoia. Soon, she begins to question her own sanity and whether she can trust her own perceptions of reality.

Why It’s So Scary

What sets “You Belong to Me” apart from other horror movies is its psychological depth. The film explores themes of identity, perception, and mental illness in a way that is both terrifying and thought-provoking. The audience is constantly left questioning what is real and what is imagined, just like Dr. Gordon herself.

In addition, the film’s use of jump scares and suspenseful music creates an unsettling atmosphere that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Where To Watch

If you’re ready to face your fears and watch “You Belong to Me”, there are several options available for viewing tonight:

  • Netflix – If you’re a subscriber to Netflix, you’re in luck! “You Belong to Me” is currently available to stream on the platform.
  • Amazon Prime Video – If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can rent or purchase “You Belong to Me” on Amazon Prime Video.
  • iTunes – For Apple users, the movie is available to rent or purchase on iTunes.


In conclusion, “You Belong to Me” is a must-watch for horror fans who are looking for something a little different. With its complex themes and psychological depth, it’s sure to leave you questioning your own perceptions of reality. So grab the popcorn (and maybe a friend), and get ready for a scary movie night that you won’t soon forget.