What Scary Movie Is I Got 5 on It In?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, then you’ve probably heard the haunting tune “I Got 5 on It” before. But did you know that this song appeared in a recent horror film?

The movie in question is “Us”, directed by Jordan Peele. The film follows a family on vacation who are terrorized by their own doppelgangers. “I Got 5 on It” plays a significant role in the movie, but not just as background music.

In the film, the main character Adelaide (played by Lupita Nyong’o) sings a slowed-down version of “I Got 5 on It” to her son Jason while driving to their vacation home. The song’s melancholic melody and lyrics about sharing weed money take on a sinister tone as the story progresses.

Peele himself has explained that the song is meant to represent duality and doubles, which are major themes in the movie. The two verses of the song also reflect this idea of opposition, with one rapper bragging about getting high and spending money while the other warns against being reckless.

One particularly creepy scene in “Us” features the original upbeat version of “I Got 5 on It” playing while one character is attacked by their doppelganger. The juxtaposition of the carefree music with violent imagery creates an unsettling feeling that sticks with you long after watching.

Overall, “Us” is a masterclass in horror filmmaking and its use of music only adds to its impact. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out – just be prepared for some serious chills and thrills.


In conclusion, “I Got 5 On It” plays an integral part in enhancing the creepiness factor of “Us”. The haunting melody adds an eerie quality to an already spine-tingling plotline.

Jordan Peele’s clever use of this classic hip-hop track shows how music can be used to not only set the mood but also reinforce the themes and messages of a movie. So, the next time you hear “I Got 5 On It”, you might just find yourself looking over your shoulder for your own doppelganger.