What Scary Movie Has Michael Jackson in It?

If you are a fan of Michael Jackson and horror movies, you may have heard of the rumor that the King of Pop appeared in a scary movie. The internet is abuzz with speculations on which horror film Michael Jackson made an appearance.

Some say it was “Thriller,” while others claim it was “Ghost.” Let’s explore this mystery and find out where we can see Michael Jackson in a spooky role.

Michael Jackson and Horror Movies

Michael Jackson was a legendary pop star known for his iconic dance moves, music, and fashion style. He also had a fascination with the horror genre and incorporated it into his work. His most famous example of this is his music video “Thriller,” which features him transforming into a zombie and dancing with other undead creatures.

The Rumor

The rumor that Michael Jackson appeared in a scary movie has been circulating for years. Many fans claim they have seen him in various horror films, but the truth is, he never made an official appearance in any scary movie during his lifetime. However, after his death, some filmmakers have tried to cash in on his popularity by using look-alikes or impersonators to portray him in low-budget horror movies.

“Ghosts” (1996)

The most popular movie that features Michael Jackson in a spooky role is undoubtedly “Ghosts.” Directed by Stan Winston and written by Stephen King, “Ghosts” is a 40-minute short film starring Michael Jackson as the Maestro, who lives alone in an eerie mansion at the edge of town. The Maestro’s strange behavior leads to rumors that he’s a ghost who haunts the town.

In “Ghosts,” we see Michael Jackson dressed up as different characters, including an old man with long hair and beard, a skeleton with glowing eyes, and even himself as he appeared during the “Bad” era. The film is a mix of horror, comedy, and music, with several dance sequences that showcase Jackson’s signature moves.

“Miss Castaway and the Island Girls” (2004)

Another film that some fans claim has Michael Jackson in it is “Miss Castaway and the Island Girls.” This low-budget comedy-adventure movie features a cameo by a Michael Jackson impersonator who performs a song and dance routine on a deserted island. Although it’s not a horror movie, some fans may have mistaken this for an appearance by the real Michael Jackson.


Although Michael Jackson never officially appeared in a scary movie during his lifetime, he did star in “Ghosts,” a short film that combines horror, music, and comedy. In the film, he portrays different characters and shows off his dancing skills. While there are other movies featuring Michael Jackson impersonators, they are not official appearances by the King of Pop himself.

So if you want to see Michael Jackson in a spooky role, be sure to check out “Ghosts” and witness his talent in both music and acting.