What Scary Movie Has Mac Miller?

If you’re a fan of the late rapper Mac Miller, you might be wondering if he ever made an appearance in a scary movie. While he was primarily known for his music career, Mac Miller did dabble in acting and appeared in a few films throughout his career.

One of the movies that Mac Miller appeared in is called “Scary Movie 5”. The film is part of the “Scary Movie” franchise, which is known for parodying popular horror movies. In “Scary Movie 5”, Mac Miller plays himself in a brief cameo.

While his role in the movie is small, it’s still exciting for fans of the rapper to see him on screen. If you’re a fan of Mac Miller or just enjoy funny horror movie parodies, “Scary Movie 5” might be worth checking out.

In addition to his appearance in “Scary Movie 5”, Mac Miller also had roles in other films such as “Superheroes: The Movie” and “High School”. While he may not have been a full-time actor, it’s clear that Mac Miller was a talented artist who was able to excel in various creative fields.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to see Mac Miller’s brief appearance in a scary movie, be sure to check out “Scary Movie 5”. With its over-the-top humor and hilarious parodies of popular horror tropes, it’s sure to leave you entertained.