What Scary Movie Has Crows?

Scary movies are a popular genre that often incorporate elements of horror, suspense, and fear to captivate their audience. One common feature that can be found in many scary movies is the presence of crows. These black birds have long been associated with death and darkness, making them a popular choice for filmmakers looking to create an eerie atmosphere.

What are Crows?

Crows are a type of bird that belong to the Corvidae family. They are known for their distinctive black feathers, sharp beaks, and intelligent behavior. Crows are highly adaptable birds and can be found in many different habitats around the world.

Why Are Crows Featured in Scary Movies?

Crows have long been associated with death and darkness. In many cultures, they are seen as omens of bad luck or even death itself. This association has made crows a popular choice for filmmakers looking to create an unsettling atmosphere in their movies.

In addition to their symbolic associations, crows also have a distinctive appearance and behavior that can add to the overall creepiness of a scary movie. Their black feathers and piercing eyes make them visually striking, while their loud cawing calls can create an ominous soundtrack for a scene.

What Scary Movies Feature Crows?

There are many scary movies that feature crows in some capacity. Here are just a few examples:

The Birds (1963)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, “The Birds” is perhaps one of the most famous movies featuring crows. The movie centers around a small town in California that is suddenly attacked by flocks of birds who begin attacking people en masse.

The Crow (1994)

“The Crow” is another famous movie featuring crows. The movie tells the story of Eric Draven (played by Brandon Lee), who comes back from the dead seeking revenge on the gang who murdered him and his fiancée.

The Dark Half (1993)

Based on a novel by Stephen King, “The Dark Half” features a writer who creates a pseudonym for himself. The pseudonym takes on a life of its own and begins causing chaos in the writer’s life, with crows appearing as a recurring motif throughout the movie.

Final Destination (2000)

While not strictly a movie about crows, “Final Destination” features a memorable scene in which a group of characters are killed by a flock of crows that crash into their airplane.


Crows are a popular feature in many scary movies, thanks to their association with death and darkness. Whether used as a symbolic motif or an actual threat to characters in the movie, crows can add an extra layer of creepiness to any scary movie.