What Scary Movie Did Jamie Lee Curtis Play In?

If you are a fan of horror movies, you may have heard of the legendary actress Jamie Lee Curtis. She is known for her iconic roles in some of the most popular horror movies of all time.

But, what scary movie did Jamie Lee Curtis play in? Let’s take a closer look.

The Film That Made Her Famous

Jamie Lee Curtis’s breakout role was in the 1978 horror classic, Halloween. Directed by John Carpenter, this movie tells the story of Michael Myers, a deranged killer who escapes from a mental institution and goes on a killing spree in his hometown.

In the movie, Jamie Lee Curtis played the role of Laurie Strode, a high school student who becomes the Target of Michael Myers. With her performance in this film, she became known as the “scream queen” and cemented her place as one of the most recognizable faces in horror cinema.

Her Other Horror Movie Roles

After her success with Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis went on to star in several other horror movies. Some notable ones include:

  • Prom Night (1980): In this slasher flick, Jamie Lee Curtis plays Kim Hammond, a high school student who is stalked by a killer on prom night.
  • The Fog (1980): Directed by John Carpenter, this movie tells the story of a small town that is terrorized by vengeful ghosts. Jamie Lee Curtis plays Elizabeth Solley, a hitchhiker who gets caught up in the supernatural events.
  • Terror Train (1980): In this movie, Jamie Lee Curtis plays Alana Maxwell, a college student who is Targeted by a masked killer while on board a train.

Her Recent Horror Movie Roles

Jamie Lee Curtis has continued to act in horror movies throughout her career. In 2018, she reprised her role as Laurie Strode in the sequel to Halloween, which was also titled Halloween. In this movie, Laurie Strode is living in isolation and preparing for a final showdown with Michael Myers.

In 2019, Jamie Lee Curtis also appeared in the movie Knives Out, which is not a horror movie but has elements of suspense and mystery.


So, what scary movie did Jamie Lee Curtis play in? She played the iconic role of Laurie Strode in the 1978 horror classic Halloween, and has since appeared in several other horror movies. Her contributions to the genre have made her one of the most beloved and respected actresses in horror cinema.