What Scary Movie Can a 12 Year Old Watch?

Are you a parent or guardian of a 12-year-old who is curious about scary movies? As Halloween approaches, it’s natural for kids to want to get into the spooky spirit, but it’s important to make sure they’re not watching something too frightening for their age.

So the question remains – what scary movie can a 12-year-old safely watch? Let’s explore some options.

What to Consider

Before we dive into specific movie recommendations, it’s important to consider a few factors that may affect your child’s ability to handle scary content.

Maturity Level: Every child is different in terms of their maturity level and tolerance for fear. What may be too much for one child may be perfectly fine for another.

Genre: Not all scary movies are created equal. Some are more intense and graphic than others. It’s important to know your child’s sensitivity level and choose a genre that they can handle.

Content Warnings: Before letting your child watch any movie, make sure you read up on the content warnings. These will give you an idea of what kind of content (e.g. violence, language, jump scares) the movie contains.

Movie Recommendations

With those considerations in mind, here are some safe options for 12-year-olds:

The Addams Family (1991)

This classic Halloween comedy is perfect for kids who want a spooky but lighthearted experience. While there are some creepy moments and dark themes, overall it’s a fun and quirky movie that shouldn’t scare most kids.

Coco (2017)

While not strictly a horror movie, Coco has some spooky elements due to its focus on the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). However, the colorful animation and heartwarming story make it a great pick for kids who may be sensitive to traditional horror movie tropes.

Coraline (2009)

This stop-motion animated movie tells the story of a young girl who discovers a mysterious door in her new home that leads to an alternate reality. While there are definitely some creepy moments, the unique animation style and engaging plot make it a great choice for pre-teens.

The Goosebumps Series (2015)

Based on the popular book series by R.L. Stine, this movie is full of spooky creatures and supernatural elements. However, it’s also got plenty of humor and action to balance out the scares.


When it comes to scary movies for 12-year-olds, it’s all about finding the right balance between spooky and safe. By considering your child’s maturity level, sensitivity, and the content warnings of each movie, you can make an informed decision about what’s appropriate for them to watch. With these recommendations in mind, you can help your child get into the Halloween spirit without any nightmares.